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how the fuck does everyone know what daniel of mayfair looks like

  1. ladyseme answered: i dont knpow where the original design came from, but somehow it just became widely excepted that he was a semi-ling haired brunette guy
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  3. impatiens-capensis answered:…
  4. fuck-yeah-amnesia answered: Though there isn’t anything in game to help you with his appearance, there is concept art of what Daniel looks like.
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    Concept art of him! :D
  6. weeaqoo answered: just random guessing but probably concept art or maybe just a certain look got popular??? idk
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    There’s a pic of his concept art in the Wiki:
  8. thorsswagga answered: concept art, love
  9. twoheadedcat answered: jenessa probably knows the answer
  10. thatsoneginger answered: There’s some concept art of him! :)
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